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Locations documented since April 1999. 

Site updated December 2006.  Text and photography Copyright 2005 - 2008 by Gary Braasch. World View of Global Warming is funded by donations and grants. If you would like to contribute, please click HERE.


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Warming Map

"In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today -- more serious even than the threat of terrorism."   

With this warning to an international science meeting in February 2004,  David A. King, Chief Scientific Advisor to the British Government, brought the issue of global warming into sharp focus.

The World View of Global Warming project is documenting this change through science photography from the Arctic to Antarctica, from glaciers to the oceans, across all climate zones.  Rapid climate change and its effects is fast becoming one of the prime events of the 21st century. It is real and it is accelerating across the globe.  As the effects of this change combine with overpopulation and weather crises, climate disruptions will affect more people than does war.

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